Why I’m done forcing myself into leggings that are too tight

Ah, there they are, the skin-tight leggings that throttle my nerves twice a week. We had a love-hate thing going that veered more on the hate side: The latest fashion blogs tell me they’re a must have item. They’re supposed to be the comfortable middle ground between sport and style. But honestly, do they just slip on? Do they look good and hide my wobbly bits? Nope. Slowly I have to yank them up my poor innocent legs, reassuring myself that I am a size M. I am a size M. I am a size M… They pinch and constrict every part of my body. Once they’re on, I avoid the mirror and anyone I might know in the gym. 

That was in the past though – because I found uniqfeel! Now I get made-to-measure leggings that feel comfortable on my body and look cool too. They say you can’t buy confidence but I’m not so sure. That’s why I would like to share my experience.

Here's how I created my own sportswear in just a few steps:

I start on the product page and decide on the length of the leggings: full length or ¾. I choose the longer version and move on to the different design choices. I choose a base colour with a stripe pattern. My selection has been rendered on a model that I can view from different angles on the browser. In addition, I choose the colour of my pattern, which is also automatically added to the images. In the next step I add my initials to be monogramed into the leggings, and can select the size, font and colour. My choice is displayed directly on the product in close-up. Nice!
Now it's time to add my measurements. All I need is a measuring tape and it's simple enough. Each step is clearly explained and there is a progress bar so that I see how far along I am in the process. For the leggings, I have to measure my hips, legs, thighs, knees, lower legs, ankles and my length of my stride. Finally, I give my profile a name to save my details. This will be handy for my next purchase! Finally, an overview page appears with the expected delivery date. I can still make some changes and after double-checking my pattern choice, I’m set. I quickly fill in payment and delivery details. Minutes later I get a confirmation e-mail. And just a few weeks later, the box arrives! The packaging is sustainable and I love the attention to detail. As I open the box, the first thing that greets me is a personally signed note with details of the chain of production, so that I can follow every part of the process. I’m instantly impressed by the luxurious feeling and beautiful appearance of the leggings. When I slide them on, it clings to my body like a second skin. This is how leggings are supposed to be! Thanks to uniqfeel, that love-hate relationship is now purely love.

Author: Katja Leienbach


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