Fitness hacks for mums

I am a mother of twins and time has never been more essential than now. My own needs are often at the back. To be honest, I would like to have a personal trainer, cook, nutritionist and children's animator on hand every day. In reality, we women have to work ourselves to give our health the necessary priority. What is really important to stay fit?

Sleep as much as you can.

It can be difficult to get enough sleep when you are a busy mother, but sleep quality is crucial to how you feel and how fit and healthy you are. So do your best to get some sleep. Lie down as soon as your children are asleep and share the night shifts with your partner. In addition, avoid too much TV time in the evening and prefer a good book or a cosy get-together.

"We know that sleep is important, but often it is the last priority and we mothers wonder when everything else doesn't work."

Involve your brain.

You can make your walks or short workouts at home helpful in a second way by listening to something useful. You can learn things and even learn new ways of thinking. For example, I like listening to TedTalks or podcasts by Matze Hielscher.

Treat yourself to a new piece of fitness clothing.

A good feeling during your workout is a must. Washed-out jogging pants and a t-shirt that is too wide do not make you want to exercise. How about buying a tailor-made sports bra that fits your specific body shape and some leggings you love? If you wear a Uniqfeel outfit that you enjoy, you'll be much more motivated and probably want to train in the first place.

Eat smart and stay hydrated.

If you prepare your food in advance, it's easier not to reach for junk food. There are all kinds of things you can prepare and freeze for later, it just takes a little organization. It will help you feel at your best. Also, carry a large bottle of water with you every day and drink it regularly. Hydrogenation helps you feel full longer, keep a clear head and much more.

Find a gym that offers childcare.

How about finding a gym that offers childcare so you don't have to worry about getting a babysitter?

Be active with your kids.

Try doing exercises while you're throwing the house. Squats while you load the dishwasher, stairs instead of elevator, lunges while feeding the baby. Anything to get you moving. Make it easy for you and your children to stay active by doing sports with them, taking walks, exploring nature and other fun things like chasing them around the park or dancing to music.


And by the way: I'm not interested in this in order to lose weight or to be slim. The goal is not a certain dress size, but to "feel fit". It's a great feeling to be physically and mentally fit.

Is there anything you do as a mother to stay fit and healthy that was not mentioned in this article? Send us your comments.

Author: Paula Linke

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