2019 - Our very personal review of the year

2019 - we all expected a lot from this year. Do you know what the team behind uniqfeel has learned this year since it was founded? We have reflected as orderly as possible what has happened there.

That it's damn ok if you make mistakes or go the wrong way and that it's much more important to stand by it. Mistakes make us all authentic. We think that honest talking in direct conversation often brings relief and that jumping over one's own shadow is not so bad.

We have been told a lot and prepared for a lot. Many would like to have a say when it comes to Uniqfeel. Our Uniqfeel image sharpens every day like the one on the cookie (see picture above). Since this year we know that to fully stand up for a brand, to find a suitable image and to stay true to it and simply to find your own way is the most difficult thing ever. That's probably how it is in the founding year - just patience!

We have learned that excessive demands are not a form of weakness, but a normal part of everyday life from time to time. The development of a new and special fitness brand is a challenge that we gladly face, with all its ups and downs. But there are stressful days characterized by disappointments, on which we do not know any further. It helps that we are at least not alone. And we certainly won't let ourselves be defeated!

"We have learned that we can and must believe in ourselves..." 

We have learned that we can and must believe in ourselves and that our courage is often accompanied by fear of failure, but is often rewarded. We will continue to do things differently and hope that our target group will reward this. Surely we will experience again the empty feeling, if sometimes the opposite does not want to understand, why we go other ways. But we will also get new customers, develop other partnership ideas and be successful. In the end you always make it, somehow.

"We are convinced that every woman is wonderful in her own way and that there are really more important things than the hunt for size XXS far away from reality." 

For all our potential and existing customers we have learned in 2019 that finding oneself good and finding oneself should be the ultimate goal. We are convinced that every woman is wonderful in her own way and that there are really more important things than the hunt for size XXS far away from reality. Uniqfeel supports you real women out there with fitness wear made to measure!

We continue to learn every day. And you?

Author: Uniqfeel Team

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