Order process

  • How can I order from you?

To receive the uniqfeel products, you can either order as a guest or create a user account. You can set this up easily and in just a few steps during your order. After you have set up your customer account, an e-mail will reach you. Please confirm your registration by following the link in the email. Thus your customer account is set up and you can access it in the future, e.g. to inform yourself about the shipping status of your order or to store your measurements. Once you have decided on the items you want, simply add them to your shopping cart and click on CHECKOUT. Then quickly enter your address and measurements and select a payment method. Voilà! Customize now

  • What payment methods are available?

You can pay by immediate bank transfer, credit card and PayPal.

  • How do I redeem a promotional code?

The promo code is queried in the checkout process and can be entered there.


  • Where do you ship, what are the shipping costs and how long does it take?

We ship worldwide. With UPS Express shipping takes 1-2 days and with UPS Standard up to 5 days.

The shipping costs:

UPS Standard                

RO                                                                                                                                                       5,00

AT, HR, CZ, DE, GR, IT, PL, SI, BE, GB, EE, FR, NL, LV, LT, LU, MC, FI, IE, PT, ES                6,50

SE, DK                                                                                                                                                7,00

BG, HU, SK                                                                                                                                     10,50

AD, GG, JE, LI, NO, SM, CH                                                                                                         12,50 €


                                                                                                                                             UPS Express

AT, DE, CZ, GR, PL, SK, PT, BE, GB, FR, NL, IE, IT, LU, PT, MT, MC, NL, ES                           9,00

SE, DK                                                                                                                                                 9,50

RO                                                                                                                                                      10,00

BG, HR, HU, SI                                                                                                                                18,50

CY, EE, FI, LV, LT                                                                                                                             21,50

 For further countries, we invite you to contact us.

  • Why is shipping not free?

Transparency is our mantra. That's why we prefer to show you what the price for shipping is, rather than simply hiding it in every single item price. Nevertheless, we are constantly working to create better shipping conditions for you.


  • Where do you produce?

We produce all uniqfeel products in four production facilities in Romania/EU. The strength of our production company lies in the development and manufacture of high quality individualised sportswear. Our highly developed sublimation printing technology, highly experienced staff and well-structured business organisation set us apart from our competitors. The four production plants in Romania are equipped with an extensive range of textile sewing and cutting machines, as well as custom printing technologies that incorporate the latest technology. Quality audits are carried out continuously at all locations. They thus prevent mistakes and maintain an excellent quality standard. Link „our production“

  • What materials do you use?

With great care uniqfeel selects only the best materials. We only use first-class technical functional fabrics with the Made in Italy seal of origin. We work together with market leaders in both colours and transfer paper. Link „our fabrics“

  • How often do you visit your production site and suppliers?

The management and members of our team visit the production department on a weekly basis. We have been working with the same production company for over 20 years. We also visit our suppliers continuously. They are our partners and we treat them as such. Above all, this means that we build a business relationship based on trust, not control.

  • What do you understand by sustainability?

1 - In order to guarantee the perfect function of the clothing, we select easy-care, breathable and durable polyester fabrics. At present we cannot do without synthetic fibres. Even the magazine Öko-Test admits: "As far as the use in functional textiles is concerned, natural fibres are no alternative to polyester". The cultivation, production and care of cotton have their own problems: The production of polyester requires up to 25 times less water than the production of cotton. In addition, polyester consumes much less energy during maintenance. Synthetic clothing requires less hot washing than cotton and should not be ironed. It dries faster and thus less often strains the power-guzzling dryer. A Cambridge study calculates that sixty percent of the CO2 emissions of a cotton T-shirt come from 25 washing and drying cycles. (Source:“Well dressed?“ Studie des Institute for Manufacturing University of Cambridge)

2 - The longer clothes are worn, the better the environmental balance. Thanks to the individual cut and the high-quality workmanship, we produce nothing pointless for the warehouse and are also convinced that you will not part with this fitness clothing so quickly in the future. And this would fulfil the most important criterion for ecological clothing for us: Longevity - away from the fast fashion trend and disposable fashion.

3 - We do not lack the insight, because we know exactly how our uniqfeel products are produced! Our goal is to keep our manufacturing process completely transparent, produce fair fashion and guarantee sustainable and socially responsible production in Europe. We want to know where our materials come from and by whom exactly they are processed, because every single piece of clothing contains the work of many people. 100% transparency is part of our sustainable business model. For this reason, we have developed a process that uses a QR Code to communicate our sustainable commitment directly to our end customers at the end product level. Thanks to the QR code, our production process can be traced clearly and seamlessly. It uses local stories to provide detailed information about who is working on the tailor-made garment in production along the textile chain and what their background is. In this way each garment gets its human face.

4 - We pay attention to a short supply chain exclusively in Europe. Our fabric suppliers and dye works come from Italy and design templates as well as all production steps take place in Romania.

5 - We use sustainable materials to package our goods.

When you buy uniqfeel products, you support us in the following important matters: Tailor-made products instead of surplus goods, high-quality materials exclusively from Europe instead of cheap mass goods and socially acceptable production instead of wage slavery.

Link „How we produce“ PDF (Press Area)


  • Do I have to pay for returns and how do I send something back?

We offer free return shipping for European countries. The prerequisite is that the garments are unworn and in their original packaging. Here's how it works:

    • Fill in the returns form
    • Request return sticker
    • Stick the return sticker on the outside of the parcel and take it to the nearest DHL/Post collection point.


For customers from all other countries: Please inform us by e-mail [email protected].

  • How long can I send products back?

Once you have received your delivery, you can return the goods within 14 days of receipt.

  • When do I get the refund?

As a rule, the repayment is made after examination within 14 days after receipt of the return.

About uniqfeel

  • Who is behind uniqfeel?

Uniqfeel is operated as a brand by the company Texmarket GmbH. Andreas Widmann and Eva Widmann, both Master of Science in Management from the University of Luigi Bocconi in Milan, are responsible for the strategic direction. They are complemented by an enthusiastic team

  • How did you come up with tailor-made fitness apparel for women?

TEXmarket GmbH has been active in personalised sportswear for over 25 years. During our long cooperation with sports brands, we have noticed that the textile industry, unlike other industries, is catching up in terms of individuality. This includes on the one hand the adaptation of the cuts to one's own body and on the other hand the personalisation of the design. uniqfeel combines both approaches. As is already evident in many other industries, consumers want flexible solutions and individual service that is tailored to their consumption patterns. Hence our strategy of developing tailor-made women's fitness apparel hand in hand with an innovative product configurator built into a website and order management.

  • Why is uniqfeel expensive?

Sustainability is an important pillar of our business model. We document the entire supply chain, from design to finished product, so that you can participate in the entire production process. If you buy uniqfeel products, we can support the following together: Slow instead of fast fashion, high-quality materials from Europe instead of cheap mass-produced goods and socially acceptable production instead of wage slavery. In addition, all products are individually tailored for you and produced for your special needs. Your satisfaction is our greatest concern. The company attaches great importance to close contact with its customers. In cooperation with YOU, products are continuously further developed and incorporated into the configurator as a product selection. Despite simple online ordering, made-to-measure fashion is not a mass product - the team attaches great importance to it - and the customer feels this in the price, but above all in the quality.