Clothes make the man. But who makes the clothes?

I have to admit that in the past, I wasn't interested in the background of my clothes. If I heard about a sale, I was the first in line to snag a bargain. I preferred not to question why the clothes were so cheap or if I'd even wear them more than once. Labels usually reveal little or nothing about the origin of the products and the people who produced them. Fashion weeks, fashion shows, blogs and social media are quick to identify The Next Big Thing. All the while, the clothes themselves have lost their value and individuality. Now they are just overproduced and disposable. We own - and think we need - more clothes than any generation before us.

Many of the clothes we buy come from low-wage countries with dubious production conditions. To change this, we consumers need to step up. The more vocal we are about how clothes are made, the more brands are forced to revaluate their methods. Instead of blind consumption, I am learning how to shop responsibly. When I buy clothes, I won't just base my decision on looks and price, but also on the social and ecological impact. Fashion is fun - but it's no fun without a clear conscience.

Of course, clothes that are not mass-produced cost more money. It makes purchases more of a commitment that should be enjoyed for a longer time - you might even find you spend less money in the long term. When we stop seeing clothes as disposable, we start thinking sustainably. With everything we throw away, precious resources are lost. We can prevent this from happening by buying only what we love. This happens through beautiful design, a perfect fit, good quality, but also through knowing where the products come from. uniqfeel shows me how this is possible and is fully transparent about their production. It doesn't just feel good, it's long overdue.

Author: Ann-Kathrin Wohlrab

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