Unleash your inner designer

Ever been annoyed that the leggings you like would have looked better if they’d just changed the colour or chosen a different pattern? I would end up buying leggings I have to compromise on or they’re so perfect that every second person I know has a pair. All I want, apart from good quality, is to feel like it is part of who I am, in fit and in style.
So I took the matter into my own hands!

Because I am no designer, I looked for a little help online and discovered a new brand. uniqfeel follows the innovative online customization approach and is the first company in the world to offer its customers the opportunity to not only design their own fitnesswear, but also to have it made to measure. That makes each piece a very genuine, very personal one-off.

I have had free reign on my own creativity – and it’s not only fun and liberating, it's also sustainable.

At uniqfeel, the product design is in my hands. I have the freedom to choose the size, design, colour can even add my own initials to my artwork. An online configurator makes it easy to play with different looks. I start by choosing a design from the numerous suggestions, then I play with the colours and complete the look by marking it with my initials. With a few clicks I have put together my own unique design. I have had free reign on my own creativity – and it’s not only fun and liberating, it's also sustainable. uniqfeel is committed to the highest quality and produces all its products within the EU fair trade policy. So my leggings don't have to travel halfway around the world to reach me. Now I don’t just feel like a fashion trailblazer, but I also rack up some additional karma points with a light ecological footprint.


From now on, I’ll be putting together my own fitnesswear look from the comfort of my couch. Gone are the days when I feel like I could do better or worry that someone else in my circle is on to the same top. Whether I’m in the gym, on the beach or relaxing in the evening, uniqfeel fits like a glove and feels 100% me.

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