Our production – 100% made in EU

uniqfeel stands for slow fashion instead of fast fashion, for high-quality European materials instead of cheap mass-produced goods, and for fair working conditions instead of wage dumping. When you choose a uniqfeel product, you help us promote these values in the fitnesswear industry.

What sets us apart from our competitors? We produce everything ourselves and thus control the entire value chain.


The highest standard of quality

Quality = longevity = sustainability. It is a logical equation: A product that lasts for a longer time saves resources. Guaranteeing the best possible quality of our products is therefore fundamental to who we are. That’s why we will only use high-quality materials that are proven to be made in Italy or Switzerland.
Just as much effort is put into production: We have been producing textiles for over 25 years, use the latest technologies and employ excellent quality management. Only with strict measures and guidelines in place can we guarantee and maintain our quality.


Fair working conditions

At uniqfeel, we are proud to contribute to the environmentally conscious and sustainable lifestyle of our customers. Although sustainability plays an increasingly important role in our society, meeting people’s needs is still a major priority. We firmly believe that sustainability can only work if poverty is actively combated. Thus, fair working conditions are a prerequisite for the production of our clothing. We’ve ensured that the manufacturing process is 100% transparent and every customer can see who has worked on their product.
Our production site is located in Romania. As a member state of the EU, Romania is subject to regulations that require high standards in terms of working conditions, minimum wages and safety. In addition, we are ISO9001 and SA8000 certified which verifies compliance with fair and socially acceptable working conditions.  


Sustainable production

One of our top priorities is working with our suppliers to deliver the highest levels of sustainability, especially within our own production facility.

Our production site and all of our suppliers are based in the EU. This supports our endeavour to produce sustainably, as EU membership goes hand in hand with strict EU environmental standards. In addition, the regional concentration of our production minimises the environmental impact of transport during production and to our sales market.

We want every customer and employee to understand what uniqfeel is about. We therefore document and share the entire supply chain, from design to finished product, so that you can participate in the entire production process.


Printing technology - dye sublimation printing

Sublimation printing is a technique that lets us print our custom graphics to the highest quality while maintaining breathability and suppleness during wear. In sublimation printing, the ink is evaporated (or, ‘sublimated’) directly into the fabric.


Why we love it:

  • Unlimited creative potential
  • Perfect attention to detail
  • Highly functional - the print allows complete breathability
  • The prints are extremely resilient and stretchable
  • Products are easy to clean and can be washed without colour loss
  • The whole process is PVC-free

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